Space Race or Forward Progression for the Human Race

Space Race or Forward Progression for the Human Race
By Lance Winslow

The Space Race is on as many countries are now using known human technologies in order to reach space. These countries are using the race space as a sense of National Pride and using it to propel their nations forward using the internal PR and it also helps them stake claim to being a more advanced civilization to the rest of the world as well. This allows them to join the first world nations and be taken seriously as a high-tech society.

But is the Space Race a forward progression for the human race? Now let me explain; are we using this space race to unite us or are we using it to divide us and if we are using it to divide us, why? The quest for space should be a united calling for the human race and we need not divide the moon into national colonies and fight over territories, because we will end up with human debris and structures that have failed and will be taken over by others and salvaged and then we will have fights over each area or colony.

However if we join in a common cause and set up the human space exploration as a group effort and share technologies then will find quite a different potential eventuality in this process for Space. Sure it will still involve human competition and it will still be a Race, but we can stop the insanity and prevent this competition from turning to more destructive behavior. We need to challenge all humans to press on into space and perhaps in doing so they will forget their minor conflicts on Earth. Please consider this in 2006.

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